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Heroes are not born of man, but forged in life, whether through the heat of battle, or the pressures of circumstance, each blow we sustain shapes and molds us.  How well tempered our steel, is dependent upon those ores which we have gathered through living, and the iron of our will.


Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Tone of Words Not Skin
There are those who continue to insist using the words Race and Hate for others who oppose Obama. There might be some truth to that, many people from all walks of life HATE that he won the RACE in 2008, and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. I know one thing, I sincerely believe that President Romney will avoid the talk show circuit and focus on the job at hand. It matters not the skin color of a man or woman if they believe in this country, and her people. We have been downgraded, educationally, economically and politically. far too many people who do not know or appreciate this country have been put in positions to be the ones to teach about this country and our value systems. We have teachers who are barely functional not just in their assigned subject areas, but in basic literacy, we have people inside and outside of government who make their living off of divisiveness pitting one segment against the other, dealing from a stacked deck of cards overloaded with race, gender, class and guilt. If anyone hires, promotes or otherwise advances someone based upon any characteristic beyond competency, then they deserve whatever outcome they derive from such short sighted decisions.
8:20 am est

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

!On this day, we who remain honor their memory not merely by attending services and memorials or other symbolic events, but by continuing the work we have undertaken to preserve this nation.
We must have strength in our resolve, clarity in our purpose and confidence in each other that we will turn back the assault on the freedoms bestowed upon us by God through his servants so many years ago.
Remember all those who left us in an instant, fill the emptiness and voids in our lives by their passing with the determination to prevent such a devastation to once again overshadow our spirit.
Honor the memory of the casualties of those fateful days by standing up for the survival of the nation and our way of life. Offer up prayers in gratitude, for as in our national anthem, yes! the flag is still there.
We have suffered the blows, yet we sustain. We had been bloodied, yet we remain, we have been blessed to persevere under the trials we have had to endure.
The greatest affront to those lost to us those days, and the men and women who have battled in distant lands since, would be for us to allow those who see only the bad in this country to succeed in their efforts to make us something we are not. The further erosion of the very freedoms for which their lives have been taken must be ended.
Yes, pause in remembrance, Yes, give comfort and solace and, Yes resume the fight to protect preserve and defend our existence from any who seek to alter who we are individually and as a society.
There are now those who say 9-11 should be a days of service, but they want to do so in a manner which diminishes the realities of that day. If you must serve in some manner, make the calls, send the emails, attend the meetings and rallies.
6:05 am est

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Trail Of Fears

It will be interesting to see how many times during the DNC convention the words extremist, hijacked, rich and out of touch are used. The "Trail Of Fears” which has been on tour across the country will be arriving in Charlotte soon. The Queen City will open its gates to the hoards and masses; who will be show casing all the traits and characteristics of what a dependent socialist populace is. They will be there for every special cause, concern or want; they will demand more and more be given to them, and they will say that it is their right for whatever it is they want. And they dare say that the 80's were the greedy "ME GENERATION".

It is not hypocrisy for a small business to profit from their presence it is poetic justice, for as they shout themselves hoarse, as they sweat in the heat and humidity and as they march throughout the streets decrying the evils of profit and corporate America, take note of all the evil corporate products being consumed, the contemptible and uncaring vendors who are stealing their money in order to only take care of themselves and their families, oblivious to the plight of so many around the world. Yeah there IS hypocrisy, but it isn't an innate feature or landmark in Charlotte, it is being flown, trucked and bussed in courtesy of the DNC.

11:14 am est

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Eyes of The World

Before the D-Day Invasion, Gen, Eisenhower addressed the men he commanded and in part said "You are about to embark upon the great crusade toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you..." These words are not wasted on you my friends here and elsewhere who see the removal of as many LIBERALISTS as possible from every vestige of elected office or appointed position across this land. The eyes of the world are on us, let them see the determination of a free people to not only turn away from misguided policies, but to restore to every citizen those rights and freedoms bestowed by God, secured by arms and bathed in the blood of all those who have gone before us. Let us be worthy of our heritage and beckoning to all who share in our yearning to be free. Ever Onward.

2:33 pm est

Friday, February 10, 2012

If I could Speak to CPAC
Today, the flame of liberty has not been extinguished, but if left unshielded against the gale of policies, regulation and legislation, it surely will be. Personal freedom, whether the ability to procure the goods and services you require or desire, the ability to determine for yourself and your families how to practice your faith or to even move freely within our borders, is being taken away slowly, but make no mistake, it is.
The concerted efforts of many to fundamentally change this nation cannot be overstated; we must take them at their own words. They enact legislation in the guise of extending a helping hand, and we find far too often that the hand is not pulling anyone up, but instead holding them down or restraining them.
It is said you don’t get something for nothing, and this is very true. Every time the government launches a new program, policy or regulation, we the people are required to alter the way we conduct our affairs or our businesses. We allow the fruits of our labors to be confiscated and funneled into the hoppers of the bureaucrats to be allocated according to their perception of fairness and equity.
We have so many people in need, so many yearning to live up to their potential, but yet we allow those who have no idea how to create anything outside of more government to dictate not just how we can achieve, but how much we can achieve before we are penalized for succeeding.
We make a grave mistake when we choose to believe that the actions of politicians and political appointees are not calculated, that the bad things which emerge from their actions are unforeseen. Given their available staff and the technology which exists, it is inconceivable that it cannot be reasoned with logic what the potential repercussions will be. The most glaring example in recent memory is the pronouncement that “we have to pass it to see what is in it”.
Make no mistake, the forces gathered against this republic within and without our borders have accomplished more of their secular socialist goals then perhaps even they could have dreamed. They have taken from the citizens, but perhaps more alarming is what the citizen has willingly surrendered to the government in exchange for so called security, assistance and sustenance.
You and I have been bullied, harangued and intimidated into changing not only how we see this country, but how we see ourselves. If you are one who thinks that voting alone pays your dues as a citizen, look back across time and look at the price paid by so many over our collective and shared history. You can sit within your homes, in the dark, wringing your hands and wonder aloud “what can I do”, or you can stand up against the ever expanding tentacles of government squeezing the life out of its citizenry, get informed, get involved and proudly proclaim “This is what I did”
Together, shoulder to shoulder we can block these ill winds and preserve the flame of liberty which continues to light the lamps of freedom across the world.
3:44 pm est

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