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We are citizens who believe in the founding principles of this nation.  We are men and women who have a strong desire to provide material that unify all of the various movements under common, easily recognizable symbols and emblems which when observed will let all know that those who display them, that they are in the presence of true conservatives.

We ask for your support through donation to assist us in providing these unfying products to as many people as possible.
Below is our Coat of Arms and Blazon.


                             "From our Fathers and Mothers,
                                To our Brothers and Sisters,
                                For our Sons and Daughters"

For me this is the essence of the Conservative movement in this country.  We have had our values and beliefs passed down from generation to generation since our founding....From our Fathers and Mothers

We share the trials and tribulations living in a nation which has been undergoing significant changes in attitude and responsibility since the times of the 1960's....
To our Brothers and Sisters

We must exert the lawful corrective measures necessary to purge our institutions and government of the influences which seek to destroy what has made this country the beacon of hope for the rest of the world.  We must unite regardless of party affiiations or inclinations to bring back the sense of pride, personal responsibility and industrious ethics so that our posterity will know what it means to be an American in a free society, and the uniqueness which is that of a citizen of the United States....
For our Sons and Daughters.

Conservative Army Coat of Arms
The Conservative Army Coat of Arms is listed and recorded with the United States Heraldic Registry, Registration number 20100321U.  Reproduction or use of this emblem or its elements is strictly prohibited.  Please contact us if you desire to Purchase a Heraldic Print and Blazon.  


CREST:  An American Bald Eagle perched upon a Rampart of Blue and White clutching the Banner of Conservative Army  within its beak.


MANTLING:  Blue, Gold and Silver, these colors represent the Union and the natural wealth within our borders.


HELMET:  The Steel Helm or Helmet signifies the common squire rank of the average member of the Conservative Army  we are not Nobles or Barons, but the common man and woman.


SHIELD:  A Red Shield in memory of those who have died in the founding, defense and preservation of this nation.


CHARGE:  An Embattled Chevron symbolizing the on-going struggle we face.  Embossed upon the Chevron are 13 stars in homage to the original colonies and the citizens of that time.


COMPARTMENT:  The ornate framing surrounding the Shield and Charge protecting the contents within, Embossed with the Latin Phrase “PAX ET ABUNTANTIA”, “PEACE WITH PLENTY”. This exalts the belief of Conservative Army, that through Conservative ideals and Principles, we can have both.

 SUPPORTERS:  Two Horses standing.  The horse of the left is bedecked with plumes of the national colors, and is saddled representing the burdens we bear. The horse on the right is outfitted in armor representing the willingness to fight, but is also bridled signifying restraint.

Purchase of a print and Blazon suitable for framing is possible.  Each one will be accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity and will be sequentially numbered.  Pre-orders are now being accepted.

The introductory price for these items are $29.00, Plus shipping.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  If you are interested please email with the subject line of "COA"
The Coat of Arms, and Blazon are the property of Conservative Army and its affiliates.  No use of the emblem, or description of these may be used without the permission of Conservative Army.

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Although we realize times are tough on us all, we humbly ask for your assistance in helping to keep this unification effort alive through donation.  We "pay it forward" by modest contributions to other conservative efforts and a portion of our contributions and product sales go to the local military community through the Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) fund and Family Readiness Groups (FRG's) of units deploying or currently deployed "down range" 

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