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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Cause of Freedom

By:  Tom Wise

I, like others, am newly awakened to the dangers to our freedom as both Americans and human beings.  Until recently, I was under the assumption that daily life was well-ordered and that the government was affable yet incompetent.  But now I am alert, TOO alert, and I see that daily life is brittle and tenuous, and that the government is not only incompetent but in many cases intentionally anti-American.  My primary purposes are now to refute Communism and to teach Constitution. 

Concerning the first, don't be deceived.  Communism is not only alive and well but perhaps better poised to receive their eventual victory than any other time in history.  Not only is does the Central Committee still exist, but we have to deal with left-wing Communists, sympathizers, dupes, the great possibility of the general union strike (which is meant cripple transportation and starve the people), Socialists, and intellectual dishonesty.  To boot, we have not continued our education against Communism whereas Communism has never ceased its attack against Capitalism, religion, and America in particular.  We snicker at anyone who "hates the Commies."  We defend Communist "right to free speech."

This leads to my second purpose, to learn and teach Constitution.  This I have done for over a year.  I organized a group which met weekly, and we learned, over the course of nine months, every word in the Constitution and the Declaration, as well as reviewing judicial activism.  In private, I've read the Federalist Papers and many other books concerning freedom.  This has also been neglected as it concerns both children and adults.  We think and say we know our Constitutional rights, but we really don't.  We don't understand the damage of the 16th and 17th Amendments, and the great Progressive misuse from the 14th Amendment on.  We don't really understand "original intent" or "checks and balances."  We even succumb to the idea that the Constitution is a "living document" by the argument that it has been amended, when in fact that argument is meant to weaken, not strengthen, the Constitution.

These two purposes must go together. 

Communism must be understood as slavery.  Their promises sound good to the poor (a world without want) and to the rich and the intellectual (a world without crime and sin), but the final goal is domination.  If religion is tolerated by a Communist state, it is a temporary state in order to bring the political message.  Eventually, tolerance will be replaced by the fist.  Communist messages infiltrate our churches and temples (social justice), government (fairness), and workplace (labor vs. management, the fat cats).  Many well-meaning persons are duped into believing that Communism has the same goal as they do when in fact they are carriers of a disease. 

Constitution, on the other hand, is the articulation of maximum freedom under minimum government.  It espouses human dignity.  While this freedom allows for more sin, crime, and poverty, it also allows for the greatest economic system ever known to man.  The proof is that all peoples from every nation surrender all they have in order to come to the United States, whereas no one comes willingly to a Communist nation except from a worse dictatorship.  The Communist has no answer for this.  Though their dialectic materialism allows them the freedom to say anything or be anything in order to achieve their purpose (they are not hypocrites to themselves; they believe what they say as if they evangelized the gospel), they only can spout a lie or nonsense in order to answer the charge that America is the magnet, not Russia or Cuba.  As to China, make no mistake; they are only allowing this capitalism as long as it takes them to trap and kill capitalism.

There are many resources by which to understand these things better.  I recommend Fred Schwarz and Thomas Sowell.

I live in Mills River, NC, between Asheville and Hendersonville.  We have a number of small Tea Party organizations, from which several members have made inroads into the system.  One of our citizens, Mike McLean, is greatly involved with Fair Tax, and I worked with him last year to produce the Fair Tax white paper.  We also have constitutional groups and alternate voter blocs (GOOOH, for example).  If anyone from our areas reads this, I apologize if you were not included in this description.

Tom Wise

12:19 pm est

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gas! Blow me away....

Contributed By: Ann Dillard

It began usual enough. On a windy day in Texas, I filled up my car with gas and was blown away in more ways than one.

It cost close to 50 bucks!

Gas has gone up 24 days in a row and is a dollar a gallon more than this time last year...

Okay! How high do you think it is going to go?

Have gas prices affected how much you drive and if so how?

Have you cut back on other things because of the gas prices?

What do you think is the real reason for the price rise?

Do you think that we should drill in America?

My opinion is that it's orchestrated price fixing...
that they are playing games with us! If gas is up, it will make most everything cost more...

9:58 pm est

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